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Wallpapers, Tutorials, Works in Progress,Speed paintings, Videos and More...

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Thank You Wheel of Time Fans!

Thank you so much to my Wheel of Time art fans! You have been my support from the start. While I can no longer sell Wheel of Time art, my time working with the series is so special because of you.

I was an Officially licensed Wheel of Time artist from 2012 to October 2019. I sold artwork, T-shirts and more with Ta'veren Tees the Official Wheel of Time Merchandiser. Together we  donated to the Mayo Clinic for Amyloidosis research and the Wounded Warrior project for veterans like Robert Jordan.
My Official Wheel of Time artist license ended October 28th 2019

Ta'veren Tees was a small business run by long time fans of The Wheel of Time. They were licensed through the Jordan estate (The Bandersnatch group) and Jordan's widow Harriet McDougal. All of their products were approved by team Jordan.

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