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MV 2021 awards
Multiverse colors panel
JordanCon 2021 Shirt
Ta'veren Tees Booth
JCon7 Signing
JC 5 costume panel
WoT Cards
My Gallery JC 9
Awards JC 8

JordanCon is a fantasy literature convention founded in honor of the late author, Robert Jordan. It is hosted in Atlanta, Georgia.

I have been in the art show at JordanCon since 2013 and have one Best in show and People's Choice at Five times. I did the Convention branding for 2021.

Dragon Con is the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction & fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the universe. One of the most well attended pop-culture conventions in the country.
Dragon Con is on Labor Day Weekend.
I did branding for the fantasy literature track for Dragon Con Virtual in 2020.


MULTIVERSE is a science fiction, fantasy, horror, gaming, and cosplay convention. I have been a guest since their first convention in 2019. I won Best in Show and People's Choice in the art show 2021.

DCWF-2019 Gold Digital Expression.jpg

DC Web Fest invited me to be a VIP guest at their 7th annual film festival 2019.

There I attended and gave talks at Google Headquarters in Washington D.C.  The Washington Post, and MakeSpace in D.C.
I was awarded the Gold Award

for Digital Expression.

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