Yes! I take commissions. Want to see more examples? Click here

I am often asked my price list, I wasn't sure if I should post a price list for a long time. But here it is! Finally posted for all to see. I of course am willing to work with people budgets. Prices are subject to change depending on the complexity of the request, but these are a starting point. Also my year does tend to book up, so please reach out to me if you're thinking about getting one.

Request a commission or availability by email.

$50 Line Drawing

$100 Shaded Sketch

$200 Shaded Color Sketch

$400 Well rendered color drawing

$600 single character painting

+100$ per added characters or details

CLOSED UNTIL January 2021
Email to ask about reservations


Want to get a Tattoo of my art? THAT IS SO COOL!

                                                          Please read through these options

"I Love your art and I want to get a tattoo, how do I support you when I do this?"

Many fans have gotten tattoos of my art and it is a huge compliment.
Over the years as people have reached out to ask me what to do about this I slowly developed a system.

1. Buy a print of the piece you're going to get a tattoo of.
Please try to get someone who is good a portraits, that is my specialty.
Please share! I'd love to see.

2. Can't get a print or want to send more support my way?

Buy a tattoo ticket!

How do I do that?


Easy! You just sent a PayPal of Twenty Dollars or more to my PayPal labeled Tattoo Ticket with the name of the piece of art. You can send PayPal's to my email at

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